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Belize Wildlife Art Gallery

Sponsored By The Belize Zoo


This week at our virtual #WorldschoolAcademy, our students delved into the incredible wildlife of Belize!  Thanks to the amazing support from our sponsors the Belize Zoo, we were able to dive deep into the world of native wildlife rescue and conservation in Belize.


The Belize Zoo graciously invited us to visit and create content to give our students a unique virtual opportunity to learn about their local wildlife and the important work being done to protect it.  We are beyond grateful to champion their conservation mission and share the wonders of Belize’s wildlife with our young learners. 


 We are so grateful for the partnerships that allow us to explore and learn in such a meaningful way. Thank you, Belize Zoo, for your incredible work and for inspiring the next generation of conservationists! 

About The Belize Zoo

Our Mission

To inspire passion to protect Belize’s wildlife and their habitats through wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, engaging educational experiences, and conservation science.


The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center (TBZTEC) is a non-profit organization founded by Sharon Matola in 1983, who was caring for a handful of wild animals that had been part of a natural history documentary. When filming was completed, she was left with these animals and decided to start a zoo. Forty years later, the “backyard zoo” has become a world-renowned wildlife education center where visitors connect with Belize’s unique natural heritage: the animals.

The Belize Zoo is the oldest wildlife rescue and rehabilitation facility in Belize. In keeping with its origins, the animals here are rescued, confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade by law enforcement, or transferred from other rehab and zoological facilities. The habitats designed for the animals reflect natural settings, and provide an immersive educational experience for visitors.

Today, TBZTEC cares for more than 160 animals representing 43 native species, and employs over 45 Belizeans. More than 43,000 people visit the Zoo annually. It is also the first and only nature destination in Belize that is accessible to persons with physical disabilities.


The Belize Zoo’s 30 acre facility is located at Mile 29 on the George Price Highway, Belize District, Belize. 

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