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Dr. Cornesha Tweede

Meet Dr. Tweede, the creative genius behind Tweede Tingz LLC! With a Bachelor's degree in Spanish and Biochemistry, a certification as a medical interpreter, a Master's degree in Spanish language and literature, and a Ph.D. in Romance Languages, she is a language powerhouse!


Driven by her love for Spanish culture, Dr. Tweede started her business in 2019 to spread her passion for the language in a fun and engaging way. Teaching Elementary Spanish, Adult Spanish, and even dance to kids, she brings high-energy and excitement to every lesson.


Through virtual teaching during the pandemic, Dr. Tweede has inspired students of all ages, from TK to 5th grade to adults, to learn and love Spanish. Now, she is thrilled to continue sharing her love for the language at Global Roots Academy, where she creates a caring, flexible, and immersive environment for language enthusiasts everywhere!

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• Core CHI Spanish Certified, CHI Spanish Candidate, Certification


Commission for Health- 
care Interpreters (CCHI), Arkansas, 2018 

• Certified Trained Spanish Medical Interpreter, Spanish For All Austin, L.L.C Healthcare Interpreter Training, Texas, 2016 

• Certified Bilingual Fluency Assessment for Clinicians Report, Pacific Interpreters, Texas, 

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